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We are a peer to peer marketplace where artists and designers sell their creations directly

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de.cem.ber /di’sember/ The month of joy, happiness and to finish what you started. With our December Featured Collection for company. Add festive sparkle to your world with decorative home-décor accents from Zufolo, Fairies in my Garden , SnehSrujana Arts and Brauch Design. Shine your way through festivities with elegant, one-of-a-kind accessories by Renuz Design Shop, 2AM and Made from Soul. And swirl the warmth of your liquid comfort with serveware from Rekha Goyal | Ceramic Artist and The Beehive. Celebrating December. Only on www.worldartcommunity.com #festive #December #DecemberFeaturedCollection #joy #artandcraft #artisticexpressions #handcrafted #makeinindia #worldartcommunity #artisticexpressions
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